Bonnie Rose Geiger
Oil and Pastel Paintings



I have always been fascinated by what the world looks like – the curve of a cheek, the way the light falls on a leaf, the magical colors of the hills at different times of day, the mystery implied by the turn of a path.  These are some of the images I attempt to convey through two amazing painting mediums, oils and soft pastels.



Painting provides endless opportunities for me to explore and investigate the world around me.  If I see something that is interesting, beautiful, or unusual, I have the perfect opportunity to explore it further by going into a relationship with my subject through painting it.  Sometimes I like the relationship so much I paint a series based on that subject.



I am lucky to live and paint in Southern Oregon, where the interesting, beautiful and unusual abound.  I live on a horse ranch in an oasis nestled in rolling foothills, so I paint horses, willow trees, and landscape vistas.  A few minutes away are mountains, rivers, lakes and even a lavender farm — you guessed it, more to paint.  I also adore painting portraits, which I find the most interesting and difficult of all. 


I hope one you enjoy browsing through my work. Feel free to contact me if you have comments or questions.